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OP仝錬李桁々 62616964757a686964616fe58685e5aeb931333431343737恬簡:Strawberry JAM 恬爆:あき 梧:Strawberry JAM ED仝カクレル々 恬簡:たくや 恬爆:たくや 園爆:恃消寂屎哂、Hysteric Blue(Sony Records) 梧:


Remember when we first met?You said light my cigarette So I lied to my mom and dad I jumped the fence and I ran But we couldn't go very far'Cause you locked your keys in your car So you sat and stared at my lips And I could already feel your

麿嗤匯乂課櫪才匯倖蝕閤匂-->> He had some strawberries and a can opener 諾吭萩寡追,仍仍

勵勵才厘匯軟肇姜課櫪Grandpa and I went to pick strawberries.

Terry 密戦,蟻戦脅辛參.

The strawberry is an accessory fruit; that is, the fleshy part is derived not from the ovaries (which are the seeds, actually achenes) but from the peg at the bottom of the hypanthium that held the ovaries. So from a technical standpoint, the seeds

strawberry ‐峅/課櫪 a strawberry blonde [胆抖]碕窟溺隻 strawberry leaves [哂]巷浄浄了議黎; 巷浄断 strawberry mark (課櫪彜)碕弼魅芝, 櫪彜韜 strawberry tomato ‐峅/磨習奉峅麗 strawberry tree 剋歎峯, 櫪糞峯

strawberry 課櫪straw頁課,berry頁櫪,侭參嶄猟祥鍬咎撹課櫪性.雇岬音傍課櫪,慢断喘咄咎,鍬咎撹^平謹董蝉 ̄,載麌牝恵.最最


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