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定题演讲my iDEAl liFE

Ladies and gentleman,I am very honor to stand here to share my opinions with you and I hope I can make a good performance here .I am guopeixuan from Fujian province. Now,let's begin my speech.“Ideal is the beacon” said by Leo Tolstry.

Life is simple and should have been satisfactory, there should not be too much hardship to bear should never exceed the limit. My ideal life, we must first have a staying, is not very big mice is not necessarily a garden house, but there must be sunny


my school life good evening! teachers! i'm very glad to make a speech here. my topic is about my school life. my school life is very common. as a student it's important for me to study, so learning all kinds of experience knowledge is a part of my

My life is common and, to some extent, dull without any deviations. I spend every day of my life in the usual way without going off the normal track. I think that most of us lead such a routine life. It is true that I have been longing for a change, because

myideallife including ideal、freedom、love. first of all,myideal is twenty to twenty-five years old get advertising professional or calligraphy professional degree,and every summer vacation to a company practice,and go to a city tourism study and

My ideal life I am a girl runnning after free life.Therefore,I like pastoral life instead of city life.Here are my ideas.Firsty,in rural,I can fiy kites and catch frogs in the field,doing what I want to .Secondly,I can breath fresh air and keep healthy.Thirdly,my

An ideal life in Shekou FILIPINO Benny S. Respecia has lived in Shekou for more than seven years working as the operations manager for a Shenzhen-based international oil company headquartered in Oman. “I enjoy the years I have spent here.

my ldeal school life~my ldeal school life school is not only a place where students gather together to attend class,to take in knowledge,but also a place where we spend our whole youth.what i mean is that my ideal school should definitly be

As a future college student, I really cannot stop dreaming my life in the university, because I know it might be the best years in my life.I want to meet all kinds of people and befriend with those that have something in common with me. I hope to hear the


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