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Often tempered

锻炼体育锻炼 take exercise或have physical training:例句: build up a strong constitution; 锻炼好身体 train regularly to keep fit; 经常锻炼以保持健康

锻炼Physical exercise锻炼Physical exercise

take more exercise 或: exercise more

don't exercise often..

I do exercise every day.

锻炼 (体育锻炼)takeexercise或havephysicaltraining: 例句:buildupastrongconstitution; 锻炼好身体 trainregularlytokeepfit; 经常锻炼以保持健康 短语 (磨炼) temper; steel; toughen: 希望对你有帮助如有疑问请在线交谈祝你考上理想的学校o(∩_∩)o

doing exercises often can keep your health.

锻炼的意思有很多,下面列出三种语境:build up a strong constitution锻炼好身体 train regularly to keep fit经常锻炼(运动)以保持健康 be tempered in the great storms在风浪中经受锻炼(历练)



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