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李明在我们班最努力 英语怎么说

Li Ming studies hard at school 李明在学校努力学习

Li Ming is an excellent student in our class,he studies hard.

李明是一个好学生, 学习很努力.英语:Li Ming is a good student, and he works hard in his study.

li ming ,our classmate,is ready to help others .

李明是我们班最高的学生之一Li Ming is one of the tallest students in our class.

李明不仅聪明而且勤奋用英语Li Ming is not only clever but also diligent.

当你想告诉同学李明在学校When you want to tell your classmate Li Ming at school当你想告诉同学李明在学校When you want to tell your classmate Li Ming at school

Li Ming is one of the best students in my class. He works hard .He is friendlly to help others.We are happy to be his friends .He always gives us some advice in leaning .His advice always help us a lot. .It was kind of him to have given us so much help.

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:.Which class is Liming in?He is in Class 5.

We should all take Li Ming as an example, to learn English well 我们都应该以李明为榜样,学好英语 希望采纳


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