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你他妈的这是做什么啊! 英文怎么说

你他妈的干什么_翻译结果:Fuck are you doing

你他妈的放屁 bullshit!nonsense!it's completely in a pig's eye.cut your crap!

你妈妈现在在厨房里干什么? your mother is in the kitchen now what?

Fuck! what on earth have you done?

what's your mother?在英语中,这时不能翻译为:你妈妈是什么? 这是个初中一年级的课程.

what the fuck are you…… ,fuck you! damn you!

what do your parents do?

What are you fuck do it?!

fuck yourmather

Who are you his mother ? 不知道,自己口头翻译的


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