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《The day you went away》《Pretty boy》(M2M) 《Yesterday once more》(Carpenters) 《 Big big world 》(Emilla) 《God is a girl》 (Groove Coverage) 《You raise me up》《My love》(Westlife) 《Heal the world》(MJ~大名鼎鼎) 《Nobody》英文

love to be loved by you强烈推荐这首,男主角在婚礼上,现场弹奏演唱,不管你是男还是女,都会被感动的.视频地址,http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTEyNjU2MTg4.html 还有 pretty boyit~s my lifeone love加州旅馆my lovelove storyright here waiting没写够10首,但是这些都是比较推荐的

《me and you》《sitting down here》《innocence》--arril lavigne 《imagixe me(with out you)》《keep believing》--aaron carter 《night prnyer》《cry on my shoulder》《like a bird》《stey here forever》《the lazy song》(o(∩_∩)o ) 《any one

土屋安娜的《GINGER》很顺口的,你可以去听听.我听一遍大概就会了 You're my ginger You're my fire You take me higher Yeah,our situation's gonna blow It's taken me a while To realize Just what exactly it is I'm chasing I'm tryin' to say You move

A little love 冯曦妤When there was me and you 歌舞青春This is me 摇滚夏令营My happy ending 艾薇儿Bye bye 玛利亚.凯利You are not alone 迈克杰克逊As alone as you love me 后街男孩A big big girl Linval Thompson 只找到这么多、、= =

《the show》、《two》、《sunshine girl》、《trouble is a friend》、《you will be mine》《force of nature》、《everything at once》、《heart skips a beat》《live like you're dying》、《skipalong》、《knock knock》、《maybe i love you》《

WESTLIFE(西城男孩)的《my love》、《Unbreakable》这歌可以唱一段.《Swear it again 》、《season in the sun》、《you raise me up 》 Emilia的《kiss by kiss》、《big big world》、《tell me why》、 后街男孩的《Spanish Eyes》、 还有《God is girl》上帝是女孩的英文版.

艾薇儿的when you are gone 珠儿的i do 泰勒斯威夫特的tell me why m2m的don't mess with my love 西城男孩的change the world a1的everytime 布兰妮的sometimes/autumn goodbye 丽安娜 刘易斯的a moment like this 凯斯艾本的sweet thing

1.far away from home 2.big big world 3.pretty boy 4.only love马克的 5.you are not alone 6.god is a girl 7.what makes you different 8.everything but the girl 9.because of you 10.take me to your heart

could this be love--Victoria Acosta 一定要是Victoria Acosta的哦the show--Lenkatrouble is a friend--Lenkabring me down--Lenkadon't let me fall--Lenkaeverything at once--Lenka Lenka的歌都不错 而且都很简单cry on my shoulder这首经典的就不用多说啦christmas comes to townI could be the onegod is a girlshe--groove coverage


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