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这是一个及物动词,意思是给,可以造句如下:can you give me the pencil?can you give me the pen?I will give you help.请确认一下吧

I give her a pen.She gives me a book.Can you give me a hand?I will give you some bread.I won't give my book to him.Give me some help,please.Don't give me the dirty clothes.I will give my best thing to my mother.

give在英语动词里属于授予动词,又叫双宾语动词,主要句式为svoo,其中sb是间接宾语,sth为直接宾语.eg.he gives me some food;he gives some food to me.双宾语动词宾语移位时,间接宾语需要加介词to或者for,具体介词由不同动词确定.

Please give my pen back to me.I'll give you ten dollars for this book.Can you give me some advice on learning English?He is ready to give up his weekend to help Mary with her homework.To be generous is to give something of value to another person.My mom has promised to give a party to celebrate my eighteenth birthday.

People give their fathers presents.

be going to/will visit/go/give; 动词前面加上will或者be going to 可以表示一般将来时!

give 给; 过去完成时:had given (过去完成时的结构式:had+动词的过去分词 give的过去分词 是given) eg:After he had get into the car,I said good morning to him in French.这是《新概念2》中的课文中的句子,我刚学的.翻译:等他坐上车之后,我用法语向他问了个早上好.

Never give up.永不放弃

答案是: give out our books please!请分发我们的书.

give in1. 让步He has given in to my views.他已让步,接受了我的看法.2. 呈交Please give in your examination papers now.现在请交上试卷.


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