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下面请欣赏第一个节目 用英语怎么说

Please enjoy the first on the program below正确答案哦..我是英语专业的.. 采纳哦

the first programe

你好!May's flowers, May's fragrance, may's us heartly singing.please enjoy the next program仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

Please enjoy the next show, "the new song of the Tang Dynasty", the performers freshman class请欣赏下一个节目《唐诗新唱》表演者大一班

你好,高兴帮助你.请采纳,谢谢!!Please enjoy the next program/show.You are welcomed to imagine its contents.Imagine 想象program 或 show 表演

下面请欣赏黄梅戏 女驸马.感谢收看(收听)本期节目!--Please enjoy the Huangmei Opera:Female Emperor's Son-in-law.--Thanks for watching (listening to) this program!给小孩起名字name the child例句:The

Next, please enjoy a story. Next, please enjoy the music.(接下来请大家欣赏一个故事.接下来请欣赏音乐.)望楼主采纳,谢谢!

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the wonderful dance show that we have brought to you.

My classmates, now please enjoy the classic movies and posters that we like.

now, let`s welcome some English plays . . .


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