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不好意思,刚才那篇错误百出,这篇是来自于百度文库.雅思写作:国外老师的雅思作文范文赏析No one can avoid being influenced by advertisements and advertising exerts a tremendous influence on us.Recently,ther

II. Advertisement广告类的题目,有一点是各位考生要注意的,就是在考场里,考官一般都要求考生描述一个商业性质的广告,而不是公益广告,原题如下:Describe an advertisementYou should say:what product or service is advertisedwhat the

答题思路:我们在生活中常常会看到广告.We always see ads everywhere in life.好处:顾客可以通过广告获得商品信息, customers can get information they need from ads.商家可以通过广告宣传他们的产品,saleman can get benefit form ads.

You can be young, modern and trendy, too." You might think that Why am I buying this particular product? 广告的力量 每天我们很容易在

audiences must be wary of ads that intend to mislead the public by taking their money.I am most interested in them:环球雅思口语教材上的 也是考官常问的1 Do youo often watch TV? Actrally I do not like TV commercials at all?Sure

奥尼尔代言李宁最新广告It's not about his pro-affrication 就算对手难缠 It's not about his dirty play 就算他小动作多 It's not about his profanity 就算他嘴里不干净 It's only about Fundamentals 你只需做好基本功It's not about being tired 不要说没体力 It's not about the finger不要说对手肘子硬 It's not about the ball being slippery不要说球太滑 It's only about Fundamentals你只需做好基本功


广告类+ 观点类:Some people believe that advertisement discourages us from being different individuals by making us all want be or look the same,to what extent do you agree or disagree?有人认为广告使我们变得趋同,你是否认同这个观点?

您好,北外雅思学院老师为您解答:In fact, printing and packaging department is not my first choice, but after knowing the printing and packaging industries is full of potential ,I find that I would have many chances in my career in the future. Actually,

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