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英语造句用i CAn't ...But i CAn(5句)

i can't dance but i can sing我不会跳舞但我会唱歌

I can touch with my hands.I can sing with my mouth.I can listen with my ear.I can speak English fluently.I can tell you a story in English.I can't let you know my secret.I can't stand here for a long time.I can't make myself understood when I speak English.

好简单啊,例如 I can sing,but I can't dance 之类的都行啊.

I can't1:I can't believe it!难以置信2:I'm sorry I can't come.对不起我不能来3:I don't feel I can't put up with it any longer. 我感到再也不能忍受了.4: I can't hack it anymore.这件事我处理不了了.5:I can't self-deception 我不能自欺欺人 I couldn't1:I

I can dance,but I cannot swim because I am afraid of water.

1. I can do it.我一定行2. She can swim.她可以游泳3. We can do this together.我们可以一起做.4. How can you do that?你怎么可以那么做?CAN'T1. I can't do it.我做不了2. Why can't you do it?为什么你不可以那么做3. Can't you read this?为什么你不可以读这个?4. He can't play badminton.他不会打羽毛球5. I can't watch tv now.我现在不可以看电视望采纳

I am a middle school student. I can speak English well. I like doing sports. I can swim and playing table tennis well. I can also play football. But I can't play golf. I can't play volley,either. 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢!

I can be more stronger.I can finish my homework.I can talk with foreigner.I can't move.I can't swim.I can't fly.

run swim

I can play guitar but you can't.


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