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用At. homE造句小学生

my father often watches tv at home

Last weekend, I stayed at home and helped my mother doing some housework.上周末,我呆在家里帮妈妈做家务.

i must stay at home希望帮助你

My parents are at home.我的父母在家里.

我把作业落在家里 I fell my homework at home

l stayed at home yesterday(望采纳)

I stayed at home last weekend.我上周末呆在家里了.Tom stalyed at home and do his homework last Monday.汤姆上周一呆在家里做作业了.

Where do you surf the internet?I surf the internet at home.Where do you have lunch everyday?I have lunch in the restaurant downstairs.Where do you meet your English tearcher?I meet her in the classroom.Where do you see elephants?I see

1. 在恰当的位置: The nail is in. 钉子钉进去了. 2. 在屋里;在家;在工作处: Mother is not in. 妈妈不在家. 3. 抵达,到达;收到,接过: The train will be in any minute now. 现在任何时候火车都可能进站. The total figures are not in. 还没收到



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