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1、there are three small boats availablefor hire.有3艘小船可供出租.2、these data are not readily available.这些资料不是轻易能得到的.3、a wide range of colours and patterns are available.各种颜色和样式都有.

We must utilize all available resources. 我们必须利用可以得到的一切资源.available 可以利用的 纯人工打字,人工翻译,望采纳

This book is not long available for sales.这本书已经卖完了

1、This feature is useful in defining the available units over time for a resource group 此项功能在定义资源组按时间分布的可用单位方面是很有用处的.2、Since my basic strategy is to throw every available unit right at my enemies , i ' ve found i

i am always avialable for you as your friend作为你的朋友,我为你永远有空/可用希望能帮到你,请采纳正确答案,点击【采纳答案】,谢谢 ^_^你的点赞或采纳是答题的动力

The only time available is Friday 在此情况下放在后面, 用于强调唯一的时间.再一种情况是放在系动词之后, 例如:Friday is available only. 或者:Only Friday is available.


分别用available、thrive、accumlate造句available 英[velbl] 美[velbl] adj. 可获得的; 有空的; 可购得的; 能找到的; [例句]Since 1978, the amount of money available to buy books has fallen by 17%自1978年以来,可用于采购图

Four colours are available for this kind of mobile phone.这种手机有四种颜色.答案就是这样.

available 可买的,可用的,有,等等 这里 available 是形容词引导被部分省略的形容词短语,这个句型可以理解为下面两个句子的省略形式:Also, larger shops mean that there is a greater choice of goods available (to the customers).There are


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