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I bought some back issues of science magazines yesterday. 昨天我买了几本过期的科学杂志.

1.mother will be back from work soon2.He was back at home3.Tom is back home now4. I have been back for an hour5.will you be back in an hour? 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

How do I win a friend back?i must win it back.If you do not win the game back,i will lose all of mine.

I am bacd TO home 我正回家

I began to think back to my childhood. 我开始回想起我的童年.That tone makes me think back to my childhood. 那个调子使我想起我的童年.These photographs made me think back to my schooldays. 这些照片使我回想起学生时代.We should all think back and realize how much better our life is now than before! 大家应该想想过去,现在比过去好得多了嘛.

我喜欢去户外和单单去城市走走或是去感受大自然. i like to go outside and just take in the city, or nature.

get back 1.return to one's starting point 回来;返回原地*I expect my wife to get back at about eight tonight.我盼望我妻子今晚8点回来.*She got back home dead tired.她回到家里累得要命.2.regain 取回;收回*Stop worrying about the money you

you will go back to school soon, won't you?

please give the book back to me soon.请早点把书还给我 解析 give sth back===return 祝你学习进步

I came back from my holiday with renewed strength. 追问: 是win back !!! 回答: It will be an easy thing for you to win back your kingdom of England.

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