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The quest for gold was difficult. 寻找金矿是很困难的.So far as English is concerned, it is not so difficult as you might think. 就英文而言,它并不像你所认为的那样难.The child is going through a difficult phase. 那孩子正经历困难的阶段.

Art is interesting.English is difficult.Math is easy.History is boring.Music is exciting.Art is boring.English is interesting.Math is difficult.History is exciting.Music is easy.

different不同的 difficult 困难的比如, the t-shirts are different.那些t恤衫是不一样的the question is difficult.那个问题很难.

I solved the difficulties 我解决了困难.再看看别人怎么说的.

Things are all difficult before they are easy所有的事情都是先难后易

The girl who pointed at the door is called Betty.Betty pointed at the door.两句选一个

用作形容词 (adj.)1. I worked in the tallest building in Taibei.我在台北最高的大楼上班.2. The tallest is the grand-grandfather.最高的是曾祖父.

this cat is beside for me.这只猫在我旁边 The girl is crying beside the door这个女孩正在门旁边哭 The boy is crying beside the desk.这个男孩正在课桌旁哭 用besides造句1. Besides, I have lots of other friends.而且,我还有很多其他的朋友.2. 2.

seem[英][si:m][美][sim] v.好像,仿佛; 似乎; 装作; 看来好像; 第三人称单数:seems过去分词:seemed现在进行时:seeming过去式:seemed 易混淆单词:Seem 例句:1.Investors seem happy to stump up. 投资者似乎乐意掏这笔钱.www.cuyoo.com2.His books and campaign speeches seem closer to the redistribution market liberal position. 他的著作和竞选演说似乎更接近再分配市场自由主义的立场.

大中午,妈妈叫我把一袋面提上楼,热得我汗流浃背. 爷爷太胖了,刚上了三层楼就气喘不止. 发生在我们身边的这样的事情数不胜数.


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