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She cares only for herself.她只关心她自己.She defended herself from the attack.她保护自己以免遭受袭击.希望帮助到你,若有疑问,可以追问~~~ 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)

she braided her hair by herself. 她自己梳辫子.

1、HERSELFBarbara stared at herself in the mirror. 芭芭拉凝视着镜中的自己. She does not believe it herself. 她本人都不相信这事.2、HIMSELFHis new house was built by himself, brick by brick.他的新房子是他自己一块砖一块砖砌起来的.He taught himself the alphabet of biology.他自学了生物学的基础知识.

Lucy can finish the task herself

1. I feel more energetic after short time of rest. 2. She is very confident. 3. If you want to leave earlier, you have to get the boss's permisssion. 4. She drives herself to work everyday. 5. Don't bother me. 7. I need to have a good rest. 不好意思,刚才没看到“rest"

He can do the housework by himself.他能自己独立做家务 We enjoyed ourselves in the park yesterday.昨天我们在公园玩的高兴 Nobody taught her.She taught herself.没有人教她,她自己自学成才 Children,help yourselves to some fruit!孩子们,随便吃些水果吧!

The box itself is not so heavy. 箱子本身并不重. You yourself said so. / You said so yourself. 你自己是这样说的. Take good care of yourself. 照顾好自己. She could not make herself understood. 她不能使别人听懂她的话. The poor boy was

1.Enjoy yourself.玩得开心.2.He doesn't like himself.他不喜欢他自己.3.Take care of yourself.照顾好你自己.4.It's a mistake itself.它本身就是一个错误.5.You should respect yourself.你应该尊重你自己.6.You can ask the teacher himself.你可以

She screamed in astonishment.她惊吓得发出尖叫声 谢谢

I fall myself I hit myself I broke myself.I hurt myself.这里面有的做同位语~有的做宾语昂~


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