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1 They often spent Christmas at Prescott Hill 他们经常在普雷斯科特山过圣诞节.2 How often do you brush your teeth? 你多久刷一次牙?3 She's going to come back every so often 她会偶尔回来的.4 Yet, as often as not, they find themselves the

I often play computer games I ofte walking with my mother I often go to the movie at night I often get up at 7:00 I often run in the morning

She often goes swimming on Sundays. 她经常在星期日去游泳. 肯定句 She usually waters flowers do in the evening. 她通常在晚上浇花. 肯定句 She doesn't often go swimming on Sundays. 她经常不在星期日去游泳. 否定句 She doesn't usually water flowers do at night. 她通常不在晚上浇花. 否定句 希望采纳,谢谢!

During the econmic crisis, professionals from the government and the financial sectors foten meet to discuss strategies.在金融危机时,政府部门和金融业的专家经常碰面商讨策略.


I often play the piano .I often watch TV. I often play the computer games.I often read books.不懂可追问,满意请采纳

In my weekend, I often do my homework on Saturday morning. In the afternoon I usually help my mother with the housework and then go out to play basketball with my friends. On Sunday morning I often visit my grandparents and stay with them

i often go to school at six o'clock.注意often跟not连用表示半否定.

how often does he go to cinema ?how often does he go shopping?how often does he do his homework?how often does he see the doctor?how often does he play football?how often does he play basketball?how often does he travel ?how often does

1. Baby cries when they want something.2. I often go to the book shop to check on new books.3. She is good at the listening part on the test.4. We run on the playground.5. I don't like those kids who fight all the time.望采纳~


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