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meeting一般的小会,如class meeting,conferrence国际性会议,会谈,公会也叫conferrence,congress是议会,如人民代表大会,the National People's Congress ,summit是公司高层会议,首脑会议,峰会,如:a summit in Moscow莫斯科首脑会

rewarding 是形容词,中文翻译: 有价值的,有意思的 a rewarding job (有价值的职业) 形容词+名词 句子太多了

这里有. Qin used the strategy of sowing discord among the enemy to cause the Zhao commander Lian Po,an experienced general,to be replaced by an armchair strategist,Zhao Kuo.

afford造句如下:No one can afford the loss to start the World War III.没有任何国家能够承受发动第三次世界大战造成的损失.afford [英][f:d][美][f:rd] vt.买得起; 担负得起; 提供; 给予; 例句:Global investors cannot afford to ignore cnooc. 全球投资者承受不起忽略中海油的代价.

Compare with football,I like basketball. 意思是 跟足抄球比起2113来 我喜5261欢篮球 Compare them with your partner. 意思是 和你的搭4102档进行比较1653

He took out a white rod which he telescoped into a walking stick(他拿出一根白色长棍,把它缩折成一根手杖)It is difficult to telescope 200 years of history into one lecture.(把二百年的历史浓缩在一个讲座中很是困难)He looked through his telescope at the approaching ship(他透过望远镜看着驶近的轮船)

I go to bed at a quarter to ten 我9:45 睡觉

His nomination as chief executive was approved by the board. 他被提名为行政总裁的事被董事会批准了. In the US, Washington is the seat of government and New York City is the chief seat of commerce. 在美国,华盛顿是政府所在地,纽约是主

启发 I'.4. 动员.我发现动员他们的最佳办法是让他们了解整个精心策划的行动,促使,激发.5. 主宰 In scores of cases they motivate the actions of the victims, is entirely different from private conversation,激励 Public speaking1,它与私下倾谈

a*b=c a multiplied by b equals c c/b=a c divided by b equals a

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