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先把否定句变成肯定句,再把肯定句中的be 动词或者情态动词提前就可以了,呵呵!for example: he is not an active boy. 变成 he is an active boy. 变成 is he an active boy? you can not help me. 变成 you can help me. 变成 can you help me? 欢迎采纳!

三、对划线部分提问先找出划线部分在句子中所占得成分,找到对应的疑问词,否定句通常在BE动词,情态动词后加Not.例如I can play basketball就变为I


例如:I play football. I don't play football. He plays football. He doesn't play football I played football. I didn't play football 如何变一般疑问句:(1)句子中有be, can, will的,把be , can , will 提前,I 通常变成you.例如:He is tall. Is he tall?I can swim.

Does he come to school early?Does he listen to the teacher carefully?改为一般疑问句Don't be late for school Don't drink in classDon't make noise in classDon't write on the deskDon't talk in the library【希望帮助到你,若有疑问,可以追问~~~祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)】

你好否定句:She doesn't think the movie is sad. He can't afford our prices. Maria doesn't do homework at home. That doesn't sound boring.一般疑问句:Does she think the movie is sad? Can he afford your prices? Does Maira do home work at

否定句: 如句子里是be动词:am,is,are,was,were 就在这些词后加:not 例句:he is tom. he is not tom. 如句子里是动词:like,eat 就在这些词前加:don't,doesn't,didn't 例句:i like dogs. i don't like dogs. 如句子里是情态动词:must,can,may,

肯定句变为否定句的方法;一般疑问句的回答1)肯定句变为否定句的方法 把肯定句改成否定句分以下情况:1、 句中有be动词的,在be动词后加not;2、 句中有情态动词的(can ,should,must ,would),在情态动词后面加not;3、 句中没有be动词

句子中有is are等词变一般疑问句直接提到句首,否定句直接否定be动词.句子无be动词用do或does放句首其他不变,否定加don't或doesn't放实意动词前


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