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多用便携生存工具 1. 开罐器 2. 刀锋 3. 螺丝起 4. 尺 5. 揭盖器 6. 4点扳钳(用于夹持各种果壳或螺帽) 7. 蝶形扳手 8. 锯刃 9. 定向转盘 10. 2点扳钳 11. 链锁孔(可以穿钥匙链)

多功能便携刀具 1.可展开/一具多用 2.有刀刃/可做刀用 3.可做螺丝刀 4.可做尺 5.可做瓶起子 6.四项开启工具(用于翘坚果或钉头) 7.蝶形开启工具 8.可做锯条 9.指南针功能 10.2项扳手 11.钥匙环 能力有限,希望令你满意!

Torque wrench 扭力扳手专门设计用于拧紧的设备,指示施加在紧固件上的力矩值,使得螺纹零件能够拧紧到规定的力矩.

1/2series socket wrench

position statement .状态报告书 立场声明;立场描述;财务状况表例句筛选1.After the researchers adjusted recovery position statement and signing.回收调整后人员的职务说明书并签订.2.The management representative for the next phase of work arrangements anddeployment, on behalf of the Department made a position statement.管理者代表对下一阶段工作进行了安排和部署,部门代表作了表态发言.

Move the train brake lever to 2 position,press button 火车制动杆2的位置,按钮

Alex As the father is the leader of the lion group, Alex bears a greater pressure than others. And his previous expectations and dreams and fantasies seem to be completely shattered after meeting. Although the title of the king of New York, and some


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