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It 's rAiny toDAy.. 改为一般疑问句咋改?

and cloudy today怎样改为一般疑问句?Is调到主语前面就可以了,因为is是助动词,助动词可以直接左边移。

It's rainy today.的一般疑问句怎样写ls it rainy today?

It'srainytoday.的一般疑问句怎样写ls it rainy today?

ItisrainyinLondontoday.(改一般疑问句)is it

It is rainy in London today.(改一般疑问句)is it

It's (rainy) today.对括号内提问回答:What's the weather like today?或How's the weathre today?

It's rainy today .(改为同义句) ___ ___ today .回答:(1)It's (raining) today. (2)It (is snowing) here (now).

It's rainy today.(改为同一句) It's a _ _today.It's a rain today.

按要求改写句子.按要求改写句子.1.It'srainytoday1.It's rainy today.(就划线部分提问) ___ 2.How's the weather today?(同义句) ___

It's rainy today.回答:当然选B。

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