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JACk goEs to sChool on Foot EvEry DAy 就划线部分提问 划线部分...

How does

1 How do you go to school every day?2 How can we make our school more beautiful?3 What kind of

how does Tom go to school? How nice the day is! What a nice day!

划线的是啥? By bike---How does he go to school every day? Every day---How of then does he go to school by bike? 望采纳~

how will she go to school?how表示方式(*^__^*)

否定句:Sam does not go to school on foot.提问句:How does Sam go to school?同义句:Sam walks to school.

1.How does she go to school?2.we can't go to the park on foot.4.he will be watching TV at 7:00 next week.5.no ,she doesn't.


How does百度嫌我字数不够

为你解答.四、 句型 1、Linda usually goes to school on foot.(对划线提问) (How does) Linda usually (go) to school?2、They leave school at four o'clock in the afternoon. (对划线提问) (When do) they leave school in the afternoon?3、


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