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求助英语高手,帮我写作文To a Chinese, the task of learning English well is not easy. So I, like many other English learners, have met with

谁能帮写一篇英语文章“怎样成为一个好老师”how to bewe must not only have a wide range of knowledge, but also havecomprehensive skills and positive attitudes. For one thing,


()1.A.Thenewesttype.()2.A.¥1,500.B.Apracticalone1-2: BA

be very generous if you give us the newest one如果我没有办法在两个月之内拿到全新的new chegway,我宁愿要一个样本.如果你能给我们一个

cant play Other roms after newest update 2.13eis happening to me. SNES games no longer working. Screen goes black and goes back to the menu


英语问题请帮忙翻译一下运动在全世界人享受运动. 运动帮助使人保持健康的和快乐的 ,和更久住.许多人喜欢看其它玩游戏. 他们买票或者打开他们的电视看游戏

短文填词 根据短文内容和以下提示:1)首字母提示;2)语境提小题8:联系下文to the other ,可知是指从美国的一边到另一边,故填介词from ,从……。小题9:根据汉语提示,可知考察动名词

初二比较级选择题带有答案newest D. the newest ( ) 35. The coat I bought last week is too big for me. I’d like

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