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ThE WAy I Still LovE You % REynArD SilvA 歌词

啊啊啊啊看不下去那么多错的.自己听了记下一份 The Way I Still Love You Not a single day goes by You've been running through my mind I know it's over But I can't deny I'm still missing you and I'm torn cause I'm hell frustrated Know we

Taryn Murphy - "Make It Go Away" I Don't Wanna Feel it, MMMmmmmmm Baby I Still Love You But That Dont Mean Much Dispite The Ways I've Loved You You Just Cant Be Taught I Need To Know Why You Dont Love Me Back I Need You So


Gotta let you know what's on my mindThis feeling for you I can't hideYour heart is what I hope to findI lose myself in ur eyesNever thought I would fall for someone like youThis feeling I felt like I knewGuess that's why I'm so afraidI need to say that..I don't

歌名:Let Me Love You原唱:Ne-Yo专辑:《R.E.D.》Much as you blame yourself,尽管你一昧自责You can't repent for the way that you feel但你不应为自己真实感受而受责备Had no example of a love,没有爱是虚无飘渺的That was even remotely

蕾哈娜的love the way you lieReynard Silva的《The Way I Still Love You》最好听

The way I still love you ----Reynard Silva That a single day goes by show me what are you my mind and I know somebody kiden at mine I'm so missing you and until coz some helepher shaded and i konw we hv the special baby but now the fact is

She cant do what I do to you,I know she can't love you the way I love you.Right here looking in your eyes,Thinking about what we did last night,& How you suddenly blew my mind,Your touch to your tender kiss couldn't take you breathing in my ear,Just

Artist:Eminem ft. RihannaSong:Love The Way You LieJust gonna stand thereAnd watch me burnBut that's alrightBecause I likeThe way it hurtsJust gonna stand thereAnd hear me cryBut that's alrightBecause I loveThe way you lieI love the way you lieI




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