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A lEsson in my liFE 80到100词

1.表示否定意义的前缀 \r\n1)纯否定前缀 \r\na-, an-, asymmetry(不对称)anhydrous(无水的) \r\ndis- dishonest, dislike \r\nin-, ig-, il, im, ir, incapable, inability, ignoble, impossible, immoral, illegal, irregular \r\nne-, n-, none, neither, never \r\nnon

the future life in 20 yearsin 20 years,every home will have a robot.it can help us do lots of things.we will have more time to study and have fun.sometimes we will visit the underwater world.we might even fly the rocket to the moon on vacation.in addition

May is my vacation is coming. I'm really excited. I like holiday. I think I will have a nice vacation. I can't wait! I decided to finish my homework first. I think the family too much homework. I hate homework, but after I finished my homework. I decided to go

I've learned a lesson in my life a lesson in my life always be careful of mankind be careful of mankind they make promises today but tomorrow change their mind they make promises today but tomorrow change their mind I'm an upfill man and I love

Last sunday. I and my father, mother, grandparents, brother went to tenglongdong by bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the

My school lifeI am going to shool from Monday to Friday,and every day in school I am very busy.In the morning,I have four lessons,and in the afternoon I have three lessons.Of course I take two hours to go home for lunch.And we begin classes at 2:30,

a person in my school life I have met a lot of people in my school life. One of them is my good friend Emma. She is the best friend I've made in the class, who is always there for me when I am in need of help. Recently, I found myself getting upset

my school is very beautiful and I like it very much. One year ago it uese to have a basketball playground but now adds two football playgrounds.To have a dinner in my school need to spend half an hour to take a row last year but now only need ten

In online learning,separation from campus is a given.But will you be completely cut off from your classmates and professors as well?An article on this topic says that you won't.

It's an unforgettable experience for me to attend XX(你的学校名称) college where I can start my brand new life.I have a lot of spare time to spend by myself.I will read some related books after class or spend whole weekends in library.Also,I take


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