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A Wonderful Day 这是精彩的一天 冯曦妤it's a wonderful day 这是精彩的一天it's the time, 现在就是 celebrate a new day 庆祝新的一天吧the birds will keep singing on our way鸟儿会在路上不停唱歌 in my eyes, it's your smile 我眼里的,是你的微

had a wonderful day at the Spring Festival! And it's also a noisy day. Many people, my uncles and aunties and their children, came to my home. We had delicious food, but mum was so tired. We were very happy. Dad was also busy, he was cleaning

Wonderful World「美妙天32313133353236313431303231363533e58685e5aeb931333332633538地」 〖取材于帕海贝尔《卡农》,舒缓悠扬的旋律激起我们对生活的无限热爱〗 It's a wonderful world A wonderful day Live your life take a

I had a wonderful day last weekend. In the morning, i got up early and play badminton with my father. Then my parents took me to the zoo. I saw many kinds of animals there, such as tigers, lions, monkeys, giraffes and so on. They ate the food that I

beautiful girl

有用加分啊 呵呵 What a wonderful day It's a wonderful day to go to a pleasure ground. I see trees of green, and red roses too. The sun is shining, and clouds in the sky are white and big. In such a

a day of my holidayToday I have a good time. In the morning I got up early as usual. Then I went to play basketball with my friends. They live near my house, so we can play together. In the afternoon

A Wonderful Picnic It was a sunny day. We decided to have a picnic outside the city. In the morning, we took an early bus to Nanhui. It was quite a colorful world. There were green trees, orange leaves,red peach blossoms. At noon, we reached the



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