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ACquirE A gooD hABit造句

l start a good babit in my study.

Habit is second nature. [谚]习惯是第二天性.

you should have a good habit你应该有一个好习惯

We should form the good habit of active learning, learning, just like when I was a child learning to walk. Have made a very good habit, can through their own efforts to gradually achieve the predetermined goals, problems and difficulties are also able

a good eating habit means a having a balanced diet. everyone should eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to obtain enough vitamins for the body need, as well as enough carbohydrate for energy and growth. we should avoid eating food with too much

i have a good habit我有一个好习惯

Everyone has a lot of good habits.希望能够帮助到你,谢谢.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*) 有不会的可以再问我:

A habit is something that you do often or regularly almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing.Good habits of learning, such as previewing what you will study, listening to teachers attentively in class, completing given

Good Habit When we have formed the good study habit, we learn things quickly and remember things easily. Do you sometimes copy other's homework? It is not good. No matter how difficult the homework is, you must try to do it yourself and finish it

As I'm getting older and older, I deeply realize it's so important to form a good habit for a person, especially a habit of taking exercise. Recently I haven't been very well for some time. Every day I have to take some medicine and often pay a visit to the


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