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1.基本意思all year round一年到头,终年;全年地,整年地2.例句I appreciate you all year round , but today I really want to show my love.整年我都感激着您,但是今天,我要真正地把我的爱表达出来.We've made certain arrangemen

I am working all year round.我整年都在工作.

i am working all year round.我整年都在工作.

the place is warm all year around

in danger;处于危险之中Stay in the big river when raining means putting yourself in danger.下雨时呆在大河里就意味着是自己处于危险之中.all year round:一年到头,终年

i hear of she offten go to school by bike (我听说她经常骑车上学)

all year round 一年到头,整整一年 round 作短词用,独立成分around 句作副词用修饰动词

in danger/trouble/dilemma(处于危险、困境中)He likes playing volleyball all the year round.(他一年到头都喜爱打篮球)

an amusement park 、游乐场,let us go to an an amusement park . rather than、而不是,i like A rather than B. wake sb. up、叫醒某人,lily wake it(代词) up. has gone (to)、已经(很重要)去了,time has gone ! (to)后面加某地 end up、结

一般用于一般过去时he worked all night, so he is very tired now. 也可用于一般现在时he works all day and all night.


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