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AttEnD to

attend to do 还是doing?attend to是一个动词词组表示注意,照顾,致力于。这里的“to”是介词,所以如果要接动词的话,动词需要

attendto什么意思?1.注意;致力于You should attend better to your studies.你应该更专心于学习.2.关心;照料;

attend to和attend on的区别一、意思不同。1、attend to是“照料”的意思,介词to表示对象。如:The orphan was consigned to her

attend to 什么意思参考:"参加"例子: we attended to the party yesterday.

attend的后面什么时候要加to,什么时候不加to?attend vt.参加,照料,伴随vi.专心于,照顾,服侍,出席1.attend on (upon) 服侍,照料; 陪,

attend 的后面什么时候要加to,什么时候不attend vt.参加,照料,伴随 vi.专心于,照顾,服侍,出席 1.attend on (upon) 服侍,照料; 陪,随从 2.attend to 倾听,注意,留心

attend to是什么意思及反义词中文释义:动词处理,对付,照料,关怀 同义词:assist,attend,serve,wait on;take to heart。反义词:drop,leave out,miss,

attend, attend at, attend on 与attend to 之间有什么区别attend to 意为“办理” 、“注意”、“照看”、“注意听”。例如:1. Who will attend to the baby? 谁照料这个婴儿?

attend 的后面什么时候要加to,什么时候不加to?上来问还麻烦,况且没有人能比字典还权威 I have a party to attend to I have a vast amount of work to attend to.

attend to 是不及物的吗?可以用被动吗?attend to vt.(及物动词) 注意(留意,专心于,照料)不用于被动语态 例句:1. Could you attend to (ie deal with) this

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