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BE AmAzED to sEE造句

be amazed at sth.be amazed to do sth.

i am amazed to see you again i am amazed at the movie i am enthusiastis over the book

be seen to do sth.表示表示动作经常发生或被观看全过程. (对比:be seen doing sth.强调被看到时动作正在进行.) 比如:I saw him get on the bus.-->He was seen to get on the bus.(他上车的整个过程我都看到了.) He was seen to steal

What she said made me amazed.她说的话让我很高兴.

希望我的例句能帮到你.They were amazed at the soaring drive of our oil workers.他们对我国石油工人的冲天干劲感到惊奇.

eg.1 i thought we were supposed to be paid today.我以为我们今天会领到薪水呢.eg.2 you were supposed to be here an hour ago!你本该在一小时以前就到这儿!eg.3 how was i supposed to know you were waiting for me?我哪知道你在等我?

i am amazed to see such a big rat 看到这么大一只老鼠我很吃惊 have my word for it,you are sucn an amazing singer 说实话,你歌唱的真心不错 amazed,用在被动句中,只能表示人很吃惊,惊讶等 amazing既可以形容人又可以形容事物,只要是美好的都可以说amazing

be surprised at : 对感到吃惊, 意外 i was surprised at his winning the race. 我对他竞赛获胜感到惊奇. amazed at : 感到惊奇惊讶 we were amazed at his rapid recovery. 我们对他这么快就康复感到惊奇. 两句短语都可以用于人或事物.

这个句子中的虚拟语气是用would be amazed to see 来体现的,跟后面的be动词没有关系.着句话是不是加个that 就正确了,加在see后面.

be amazed by/at 因某事而感到吃惊be amazed to do 做某事感到吃惊be amazed that that是接从句的,意思是因为什么而感到吃惊

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