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BE gooD At的造句

be good at.

be good at擅长做…The soldier was good at playing fife. 这名士兵善于吹笛子.I am good at freestyle and breast stroke.我擅长自由泳和蛙泳.

Be good at English, both oral and written.良好的英语书写与表达能力.A good listener must be good at asking questions.一个好的聆听者应该善于问问题.Mao proved to be good at fighting but poor at governing.事实说明毛泽东擅长指挥战斗,却

be good at 是个非常常用的短语 at 是介词后面跟doing和名称如be godd at studying ,be good at English 等.be 是系动词am,are,is及他们的时态

I am good at playing football.我擅长踢足球.Tony is good at singing English songs.托尼擅长唱英文歌 希望能帮助到到你!望采纳!谢谢!

be good at表示擅长 I am good at playing Golf.

be good at 在方面好、擅长 She is good at dancing.她跳舞很好. You are good at singing. 你唱歌很好. 望您采纳,谢谢您的支持!

be good at表示擅长 A good listener must be good at asking questions.一个好的聆听者应该善于问问题.I am good at English.我擅长英语.He is good at playing table tennis.他擅长打乒乓球.

i am good at learn English.

i am good at swimming如果有帮到您 请给予好评 如果还有问题 请重新提问哦 谢谢拉#^_^#祝您愉快


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