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booking information词典结果booking information预订信息

advance booking 15 days15 days advance booking那是说要提早15天预订,严格来说:即1号最快只能订16号的舱.

1, scheduled information 2, tours booking information,3 hotel booking information

We got the information that the client needs to book from CMA. However, we didn't get any booking information. 不知道这里的“预配”指的是什么.

为了方便你对应看我把句子分开翻译 希望有所帮助本系统就是根据在线订购电影票的实际情况和人们的需求来实现的.The system is realized according to the real conditions of the online film tickets booking and the demand of the people.系统主要分成三大模块,


上海文化艺术演出场地与订票信息1.Venue and Reservation Information of Shanghai Culture and Arts Performance2.Venue & Reservation Information of Culture & Arts Performance, Shanghai网上售票1.Online Booking2.Online Ticket Sales公交

Booking的单子是立刻发送酒店,可能会有一点点延时. 签证还是直接联系酒店吧. Booking的单子有些时候签证没问题的呀..

presenting information 提交信息、呈现信息Develop your own way of presenting information.创造你自己的呈现信息的方式.

the hotel made a mistake just now. usually free breakfast service is not included for a deluxe room. coincidently it is the mid-autumn day, so the hotel provide the service for deluxe rooms. the sales manager from the hotel told me on the phone that


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