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But it wAs not EAsy

Ian Van Dahl I Wanna Fly So High Look at me It really was not easy But I can breathe And I'm so grateful cuz I can see I am free To do exactly what I please So come with me To a place where we can be Ooooooo Chorus: Oooo, Ooo.




deal with 应付,打交道.a 和c 明显排除,b 项也有相处的意思,但要在后边加介词with .全句的意思是,和这样的一个人打交道真不是件容易的事… 希望能帮到你… 但愿能帮到你,希望采纳

同级比较,和一样 用asas ,否定可以用not asas 或 not so as这个不像那个那么容易.


it was not easy for me to milk the cow,but i did it very well对于我来说挤奶牛并不简单,但我做的很好.挤牛奶对我来说没那么简单,但我做得很不错.当时我挤牛奶确实不容易,但我做得很好.

It was fine on Saturday,October 20th.The students of Class 2 Grade 7 went climbing.They met at the school gate at 8:00 in the morning and got to foot of the hill at 8:30.They began to climb the hill after a break.The hill was not high but it was not easy


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