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By mEtro问句该怎么说

“乘地铁”,by 是介词,后接交通工具,就像"by train"

How do you get to the office? 你怎麽到办公室的?By metro. 坐地铁呀.

metro 英['metr]美[mtro]n. 地下铁道adj. 大都市的名词复数:metros[例句]Surely , a comfortable metro does add to productive capacity.一条舒适的地铁毫无疑问能提高生产能力.

by metro是介词短语做状语.take a metro 则是动词短语做谓语.体会:I take a metro to work.I go to work by metro.

what does He go to woek by再看看别人怎么说的.

不可以,根本就没有谓语(动词).by是介词.可以这么说: You can take the subway.

这句话是不对的.缺少了谓语动词,应该这样表达:Let's go there by metro.

1.Are they planting trees in the park?2.Do they usually cook Chinese food at school?

原句:We can get there by metro.改为同义句:We can take the subway to get here.

by boat乘船的意思,还可以翻译成by ship或者by sea


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