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CArE For thE EArth

We have only one earth. To protect the environment and protect the earth is our responsibility! We should use less disposable chopsticks ,do not waste paper to protect forest resources. protect water resource,do not waste every drop of water. Take

Care the earth"No water, no creatures" It's ture that the human being will run the end if there is no water in the world. So we should take care of the earth. Man can live for about 7days without any food, but 3 days without water. But I know that

saving the earth the population of the earth is increasing very fast. humans must make the earth support the increasing population. this has made it necessary for agriculture and industry to develop rapidly. such a rapid development produces more

Our earth was healthy and beautiful in the past. However, now it's getting dirtier and warmer. Natural disasters happen more often than before. Animals and plants are in danger.Why does all this happen? First, there are more and more people on

care for the earth: start from the campus with the development of society ,many people view the important of protecting our environment because all of us are nurtured by the healthy condition of mother earth.there is no doubt that college student

we should for care the earth我们应该关心地球care the earth照顾地球例句:If we take care of the earth, it will last a long time.只要我们爱护地球,地球就活得很久.Take good care of the earth and children for whose health is the future!关心地球的生态,关心孩子的健康和教育,就是关心我们共同的未来!

这是一个主从复合句,主句为:Care for the environment will become very important ,意思为对环境的保护将变得更加重要.本句是系表结构,主语为Care for the environment ,become是系动词,very important 形容词作表语; as earth's natural resources run out. 为从句,意为 随着自然资源的耗费,从句 是诸位结构,其中是earth's natural resources 主语,run out 为不及物动词短语,做谓语.

care 可以作动词,但是也直接可以作名词.这里就是名词.句子成分划分可以帮助理解:【Care主语】【 for the environment主语的定语】 【will become 谓语】【very important表语 】【as earth's matural resources run out.原因状语从句】. 可

care for the earth(关爱地球)读作 [kε f: i :θi],可以近似谐音为 “克艾尔 佛 得 呃(儿)嘶”.

care在这个句子中是名词,不是动词for the environment 是介词短语做后置定语,译为对环境的关心


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