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找个外国男朋友是怎样的体验?I wish you to sleep by my side every day.I will feel lonely.我说 我也会想你。我说我不会

电影《摘金奇缘》(Crazy Rich Asians)能成为「亚裔的影片名为“疯狂有钱的亚洲人”,此处的asians应该指的是南洋亚裔及他们的international peers吧。从来自

如何回应老外对我说「ching chong」?and work with China to safeguard the traditional friendship between the two peoples and regional pea

林语堂《生活的艺术》中文版第九章第十章(the Chinese seem to go further and associate it with the highThey make one lose sleep dreaming about them and lose appetite

可有人有David Sedaris的文章?Chapter One chipped beef I'm thinking of asking the servants to wax my change before placing it in the Chinese tank I

Worm/Win32.Runouce.b[Email]的网络行为协议:TCP端口:139 445描述:通过以上端口发送恶意邮件,邮件内容:HELO btamail.net.cnMAIL FROM:

你有哪些被外国人嘲笑英语的经历?我:emmm…restaurant?妹子:no no no ,somewhere like that ,which can use university card.然后我

你见过哪些绝妙的翻译?When you are old and grey and full of sleep, 当你老了,头发花白,睡意沉沉 And nodding

如何评价挪威电视剧 SKAM(羞耻)?the first Chinese fans,耶!其实我有点惊讶竟然还没有别的中国妹子遇见过。还有别忘记Tarjei和

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