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The relationship between love and marriage marriage, where is the house we built for love.is not the tomb of love. the love without a house will not last too long between to

第一则:心目中的英雄Personal Hero Our granddaughter's second-grade class was asked to write about their personal heroes. Her father was flattered to find out that she had chosen him. "Why did you pick me?" he asked. "Because I couldn't

Love is sacred and mysterious.It has no class distinction.It is not based on money.It is neither bought nor sold.True love is a perfect, priceless gem.One should not marry without love.A man and a woman may freely make friends with each other.But

The most important element for a stable marriage/relationship is trust. Trust is not only a blind reliness on the partner but also an open and frank communication to each other to improve the understanding between each other. As the understanding

即「外套」之意.广东话叫「机恤」 幽默 humor 他有幽默感. He has a good sense of humor. 中文原为「诙谐. 汉堡 hamburger 我要一个汉堡,两份大薯条,三杯小可乐. I want a hamburger, two large fries and three small cokes、动画片 土司


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