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The correction of the report took her three hours.

1. The correction of all my mistakes took nearly an hour. 我用了近一个小时才改完我的全部错误. 2. I believe these figures are the most recent available but I am open to correction. 我认为这些数据是最近才得到的,但我乐于接受改正. 3. I'm speaking under correction. 我说的不一定正确. 4. The teacher wrote the proposed correction at foot. 老师将修改意见写在页底空白处.

correction[英][krekn][美][krkn]n.修改; 改[纠]正; 惩罚; 有待改正; adj.改正的,纠正的;

correction英 [krekn] 美 [krkn]n.修改; 改[纠]正; 惩罚; 有待改正;adj.改正的,纠正的;[例句]They can be used surgically during maintenance to drill down to specific sections of an application that need correction.它们也可以用在维护期间,具体到应用软件某个特定的,需要修改的部分.[其他]复数:corrections 形近词: direction erection correcting

correct vt.改正;[数学、物理学]校正;(试卷)改错;批改 vi.纠正错误;调整;校准(常与 for 连用)

correction lens生词本英 [krekn lenz] 美 [krkn lnz]校正透镜双语例句1.The viewfinder eyepiece has a built - in 1 correction lens ( suitable for normal vision ).\x09取景器的目镜是一片-1的矫正镜片 ( 适合大多数普通视力 ).

color英 ['kl(r)] 美 [kl]n.颜色,色彩; 肤色,脸色,血色; 颜料,染料; 本质v.给…涂颜色; 改变…的颜色; 粉饰,渲染,使带上色彩; 脸红网 络颜色;色彩;彩色;色泽复数: colors 过去式: colored 过去分词: colored 现在分词: coloring 第三人称单数: colors 报 错correction英 [krekn] 美 [krkn]n.修改; 改[纠]正; 惩罚; 有待改正adj.改正的,纠正的网 络更正;校正;修正;矫正复数: corrections

correction factor[英][krekn fkt][美][krkn fkt]校正系数; 校正因数; 改正系数; 改正因素; 例句:1.Activity correction factor for cu-based catalyst in methanol synthesis reactor. 甲醇合成塔铜基催化剂的活性校正系

make in correction的中文翻译_百度翻译make in correction在校正



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