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名词 距离

keep one's distance 保持疏远long distance call 长途电话in the distance 在远处from/ at a distance 从远处

outdistance v. 把抛在后头; 大大超过

1、in the distance 1)释义:在远处2)例句 I watched him until he disappeared in the distance. 我瞧着他直到他在远处消失.2、at a distance 1)释义:在远处;有相当距离2)例句 Because of you, I always kept girls around me at a distance. 因

远远词义:距离;远方;疏远远远间隔 动词词义:把远远甩在后面;疏远 名词n. 1.距离;路程[C][U][(+to/from/between)] 2.远处[theS] 3.冷淡,疏远[C][U] 及物动词vt. 1.(竞争中)把远远甩在后面2.使疏远[(+from)]

可数名词 at a distance 在远处 eg1)your dess looks all right at a distance

依次是:从远方 在远处 在远处,在很远的那边

是travel long distance .不用加“s”.“长的距离,而不是长的好多个距离.”名+形容+名,“long distance”作“travel”的定语.

at the distance 在距离 Lay down the extinguisher at the distance of approximately 5m away from the origin of fire.在距离起火点5米左右处,放下灭火器.keep at a distance 与(某人)保持一段距离;疏远 If you will only keep at a distance, I may float down in safety.只要你和我保持一定的距离,我就可以安全地漂下去.

此处的run不是动词原形,而是名词. long distance run 长跑 run的词性及意思如下:1. v. 经营;奔跑;运转1)He used to run a prosperous paint business. 他曾经营过一家生意兴旺的涂料公司.2)She runs faster than his younger brother. 她跑得比她弟弟快

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