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一般疑问句:do you have basketball? does she have baeketball? have you got a schoolbag? has she got a schoolbag?陈述句:i do homework better than you. he does like dogs.. i have a ball. she has a ball.


一般疑问句概述 一般疑问句(general questions),也可称为“yes/no” questions(是否型问句),因为它一般是由yes或no回答的,如: Can you swim to the other side? 你能游到对岸吗? Yes, I can.是的e79fa5e98193e58685e5aeb

Does he like dumplings?Yes, he does.No, he doesn't.

Does he like the pen? Does he do it? Does he find you? Does he want an apple? Does know the thing? Yes,he does. / No,he doesn't

I do believe in fairy tales. [肯定句]我确实相信童话故事.I don't believe in fairy tales. [否定句]我不相信童话故事.Do you believe in fairy tales? [一般疑问句]你相信童话故事吗?Mary does her homework every day. [肯定句]玛丽每天做她的功课.Mary doesn't do her homework every day. [否定句]玛丽不是每天都做她的功课.Does Mary do her homework every day? [一般疑问句]玛丽是否每天都做她的功课?

Are you from Japan? Is her sister doing her homework now? Does he work in a bank? Do you live near your school? Can you speak French? May I go home now?Are you in Class 2Grade 1? Are you watching TV?Do you like these animals? Does she want to go to the movies?请你快点采纳

1 .Does Jim study hard ? 2. Does she work in a bank ?3. Does his brother like English ?4.Does he run every day ?5. Does her sister have breakfast at home ?6.. Does her sister have lunch at home ?7. Does he go to the on that day ?8. Does youe

DO举三个疑问句:1,Do you like playing the piano?Yes,I do.\No,Idon't.2,Do you want to go to Beijing?Yes,I do.\No,I don't.3,Do you have a bag?Yes,I do.\No,I don't.Does举三个疑问句:1,Does he like playing the piano?Yes,he does.\No,he doesn't.2,

does用于第三人称单数 助动词 一定要记得原句里面的动词还原 这个点非常容易错的


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