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DrEAm ComE truE造句

a dream come true 梦想终会实现 a dream coming ture 梦想即将实现

My dream will come true one day.我的梦想总有一天会实现.

make one's dream come true使一个人的梦实现

Getting into beijing university is my dream come true.去北京大学读书让我的梦想成真.His wish to be an actor has come true.他想当演员的愿望实现了.

i'd like to make friends with you我愿与你交朋友 please help me make up a dialoge with the word请帮我用这词编个对话 make yourself at home随意 don't make him cry 别让他哭 it is made in china中国造

My dream will come true.

my dream has finally came true

my dream is come true

She will makes my dreams come true.i will make your dream come trueyou will make her dreams come trueshe will makes herself dreams cometrue

etc,my dream was to be a boss to earn a lot of money,and now my dream has come ture. when i was yong Funny how all dreams come ture My dream come ture! There were some predictions that never came ture~ My dream will come true one day

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