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the problems concerning with our family we face today are still important. as far as i am concerned, family is a place where we can gain valuable love, confidence, experience,and thankful. so, it matters for us.to sum it up, we should love our family. in my opinion, family loving can make a difference to our life.

C.因为,清理出主干是,a lack has caused many couples diorced. sense of family responsibility 家庭责任感(的缺乏)born in the 1980s出生在20世纪80年代(80后)满意请采纳或者选为满意答案哦,谢谢.

what is the most important things in the family? how to maintain a stable and happy family? the family, as a basic composed unit of modern society, is affected by so many external factors, such as money, power, status, background and so on.

1.大多数的人结婚并且有孩子,所以他们为了他们的家庭责任需要稳定的可靠的收入,即使他们不满意他们的工作.Most of the people have got married and have children, so they need stable income to fulfill their responsibility for family, even though they

从此他负担起了整个家庭的责任Since then, he took the responsibility for the whole family.


It's obviously that American students 'a responsibility of family not stronger than Chinese students.

Doing housework is the duty of every menber of the family.

因为他的父亲在交通事故中去世,所以他身为唯一的男人不得不承担起赚钱养活家人的责任Because of his father's death in the traffic accident, he, as the only man, has to take responsibility of earning money to raise the family.

1.Family is the home of everyone's soul and a harbor of everyone's life ship2.Fmaily is an integral representing a kind of responsibility3.Wish everyone to be capable to cherish thier family4. It is v


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