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fold the clothes是什么意思叠衣服 双语例句 1 When the dryer is finished, fold the clothes.烘干之后,叠好衣服。2 Will you help me fold up the

foldtheclothes的音标fold [英] [fəuld] [美] [fold] the [英] [ðə] [美] [&#240

叠衣服用英语怎么说你好!叠衣服 Fold the clothes

fold the clothes的音标回答:/fəuld/ /ðə/ /kləuðəz/

【Couldyoupleasefoldtheclothes,Mary?---___.()A.Yes答案:C句子"Could you please fold the clothes"中的"could"为委婉语气,并非过去式,故答案AB错误.C

Mr Yu fold the clothes.这句话对吗?不对。Mr Yu是第三人称单数,谓语用三单形式。改为:Mr Yu folds the clothes.或 Mr Yu folded the clothes.于先生叠衣服。

英语翻译8.do the dishes 洗餐具9.take out the rubbish 倒垃圾10.fold your/the clothes 叠衣服11.sweep the floor 扫地12.make your/the bed

fold the clothes 后面为什么可以加形容词?fold the clothes 后面为什么可以加形容词? 我来答 分享 新浪微博 QQ空间 举报 1个回答 #热议# 聚焦315:品牌黑科技引领生活新潮流

英语语法68. take out the trash 到垃圾 69. clean the living room 70. make the /one’s bed 铺床 71. fold the clothes 72.

英语词组的翻译,求助1.make the bed;2.stay out for a long time;3.handle the routine;4.fold the clothes.


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