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forget doing sth忘记做过某事I"ll never forget finding that rare old coin in my gardon.Mary will never forget seeing the exciting film.I forgot writing to him,so I wrote again.He forgot turning the lig

1.Mr Smith is strict in teaching.2.Remember to come to my office after class..3.He remembered telling you the truth.4.Don't forget to hand in your homework after class.


forget to do是忘记要做某事,forget doing是忘记做过某事.I forgot to call Mary.我忘了给Mary打电话. The old man forgot turning the light off. 老人忘记已经关了灯了.remember to do是记得要做某事, remember doing是记得做过某事.Please

forget doing sth忘记做过某事forget to do sth忘记要做某事

forget doing sth 忘记曾经做过某事 造句 I forget locking the door.我忘记已经锁过门了.

I forgot doing my homework. 我忘了曾做过作业.I forgot reading the book. 我忘记了以前读过这本书I forgot locking the doorI forgot returning him the bookI forgot telling him about it.I forgot taking my books请及时采纳,不懂继续问( 天天在线 )(*^__^*) 祝学习进步! 谢谢!

就是相反的意思楼,反正记住以下:forget to do sth 忘记(去)做某件事forget doing sth 忘记(已经)做过某件事

forget to do sth 忘记去做某事.还没做. forget doing sth 忘记作某事,做过了.忘记了.

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