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go out的句型

out 很明显是副词go是动词 out 表示去掉方向,像解释说明动词的,或者形容动词动作的激烈程度等 都是副词.不及物动词后加TO TO作为动词的不定式 之所以不定 是因为动词的及物不及物有关.不知道你懂了没有,没懂百度HI我.

go back go by go down go into go out go over go through go up have gone to be going to do go+doing go on doing sth go on to do sth go home go along go away go off go for go after go against go around/round go at 意思自己查奥,采纳

go out to do sth这是句型.get out of sth(摆脱某物) get out of (走出去) 很高兴为您解答~!请采纳谢谢!

Let's go out for a walk Let's go out for lunch.we will go out for a meal with colleagues soon.Try to go out for a walk at lunchtime.

what about going out for a walk?同义句是How about going out for a walk?Why not about go out for a walk?Why don't you go out for a walk?Shall we go out for a walk?Let's go out for a walk.You'd better go out for a walk.You should go out for a walk.


It is a nice day so that all of us wants to go out.

这里going out 动词的现在分词作名词用

out 是介词go out 是动词短语一句话里面必须有动词比如 i ask you to come out,我叫你出来这里用了out 但是要加动词comego out直接能用,不用加动词了.因为go就是动词比如,Let's go Out 我们出去吧.

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