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估计你写错了! go skiing去滑雪

保证正确!Will you go skiing with me this winter vacation? It_______B___ A all depend B all depends. Cis all depended. Dis all dependingit all depends.看情况.常考情景交际用语.skiing滑雪,直接加ing,不用双写l,也不用加l,也是常考的动名词和动词进行时态希望对你有帮助,请采纳.

正确答案:He won't go skating with you tomorrow.

为你解答. Maria (wants) to be a lawyer when she (grows)up.玛丽亚长大后想当一名律师. 2.The students (were playing) volleyball at four yesterday afternoon. 昨天下午四点学生正在打篮球. 3.If you (don't go) skiing this afternoon,I won't,either. 如果你今天下午不去滑雪,我也不去了. 4.His hope is (to become)a basketball player like Yao Ming. 他的希望是成为像姚明一样的篮球运动员.

歌曲:istayinlove 歌手:mariahcarey(中英对照) 所属专辑:e=mc2 mariahcarey-istayinlove lrcby:'chen@ ohbaby(哦,亲爱的) baby,istayinlovewithyou(亲爱的,我深深的陷入了对你的爱情之中) dyinginsidecauseican'tstandit(我所有的

i love you so much it's killing me翻译成中文的意思是:我非常的爱你,这快让我受不了了

what do you mean ?just collect some articles ?i don't know what do you want ~so , i think nobody can help youYOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR DREAM INTO PRACTISE.SO GO TO BED ~!

希望采纳~~~She's such a transformerEXO Let's goHold up hold up hold up hold up错r miong哈gi 哦lio我可nio 摸呀 得切 摸n得jio gi jio gi jio gi jio gi孙西噶内 多r bion哈mion 刚当哈gi hin等得You slow down then you speed up她be nou(b)几 个就

卫兰的《never let you go》the rain, just never seems to bring那场雨,似乎从未把快乐带来 the joy, i feel the sameeverlasting pain of my loss remains我依旧感到我迷失的痛 my heart, can't seem to learn to partthe hold you left the mark我的心似乎从

Baby I stay in love with youDying inside cause I can't stand itMake or break upCan't take this madnessWe don't even really know whyAll I know is baby ITry and try so hardTo keep our love aliveIf you dont' know me at this pointThen I highly doubt you


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