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my favourite hobby is soccer.我的兴趣是踢足球

veryone has hobbies. Hobbies are very important in our life. I also have hobbies. Now let me tell you my hobbies. Exercise is my one of my hobbies. I love sports. The more exercise I do, The healthier I will be. After I have dinner, I often go out for a

my hobby is painting.我的嗜好是绘画.

My hobby is painting.


My hobby is swimming.我的爱好是游泳Collecting stamps is intersting.集邮很有趣

1.He turned from his work to a hobby.他不干工作却搞起了业余爱好.2.Reading is the only hobby I can speak of.读书是我唯一值得一提的爱好.3.He pursued his hobby of collecting old almanacs for so many years.多年来他一直保持着收集旧历书

英文myhobbyis怎么造句 My hobby is reading.My hobby is playing basketball.My hobby is keeping pets.My hobby is fishing.等等很希望会对你有帮助.

(靠来听 collecting)(死带破 stamp)(一紫 is)(买 my(好比hobby) 哈哈,差不多就这么多,电子词典里不是有发音吗

我的爱好钓鱼当作小孩看待 vi. 拿起(开始,从事,吸取,接纳)



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