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increase at increase at[简明英汉词典]以…增长

increase at 100yuan per hour 以100元每小时的速度增长 increase to 100yuan per hour 增长到每小时100元这样解释很清楚了吧,一个是以什么速度增长,一个是增长到什么速度

increase to表示增长到 如,The population has increased from 1.2milion to 1.8 milion.人口已从120万增长到了180万.increase by表示按多少增长 如,The rate of inflation increased by 2% 通货膨胀率增长了2%

用by 或不用介词it increase by 10%it increase 10%

Atat a adj(形容词) price以什么样的价格 for 与具体数值连用,如He offered the house for 1 million dollars.at 一般不与具体数值连用,只表示以什么样的价格.如:He sold the house at a high price.如果都接了AT是

比如原来rate is 5m per second, 现在依然再increase but at rate of 2m per second.至少我是这么理解的

increase of后面跟增长的程度 One great increase of over a billion.一次就增加超过十亿的基督徒.Sales increase of 31% to CHF867 million.销售增长31%到达8.67亿瑞士法郎(约合人民币55亿元).increase in 后面在哪方面增长的 They'll very likely ask for an increase in the budget.他们很可能会要求增加预算.I'm due for an increase in pay soon.不久就该轮到给我加薪了.不知是否看懂了

aim to do/at/for sth一般用主动语态.be aimed at/doing sth意为“为达到某个目的” 当主语是人的时候,用主动语态,例如: he drew his pistol and aimed at the enemy soldier.当主语是物时,用被动语态.例如:this policy is aimed at increasing production.

increase in表示“在……方面增长”,increase by是“增长了多少”(by表示差额),increase with表示“随……增长”,如:Activists are increasing in number day by day.His vanity increased with years.The per unit area yield of ginned cotton has increased by 10% over last year.希望我能帮助你解疑释惑.

premium KK: [] DJ: [] n.[C]1. 奖品;奖金2. 额外补贴,津贴;酬金3. 【商】加价,溢价 Hard-to-get theater tickets can be bought at a premium.紧俏的戏票能以高价买到.4. 【商】优惠(让价);附赠礼品 If you buy three you get a premium of one more, free.你买三个,可以再送你一个.5. 保险费6. 【商】贴水,升水7. 习艺费,学费 a.1. 高价的;优质的[Z][B]


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