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Before compass invention the humanity takes one's bearings mainlydepends on the sun, heavenly body and so on the moon, or sign and soon mountain stone trees, however, these take one's bearings the methodall has its limitation: Depends on

(1) The mankind take the bearings to mainly depend the sun before the mariner's compass invent, moon etc. heavenly body, perhaps mountain stone tree etc. marking thing, however, these meanses for taking the bearings all has it to limit sex: is

however, the direction of these means of identification has its limitations, the moon and other celestial bodies, fog, for example. Later, rainBefore the invention of the compass direction depends mainly on human identify the sun. markers to identify

你好!discover 是发现本来就存在的事物.例如:Columbus discovered an island called the West Indies. invent是发明创造出一个原本没有的新事物.Watt invented the steam engine.这两个字都是古法语的词源.希望我能帮助你解疑释惑.如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

the compass:the compass was invented by the Chinese it has中文意思是:指南针:指南针是由中国人发明的也可以读作:The compass: the compass was invented by the Chinese.compass英 [kmps] 美 [kmps, km-] n.罗盘;指南

第一台笔记本是英国人WilliamMoggridge在1979年为Grid公司设计的.1979年,Grid Compass 1109电脑问世,这是人类有史以来对笔记本电脑制作的第一次尝试.这款电脑是英国人WilliamMoggridge在1979年为Grid公司设计的.不过这款电脑问世后的面向对象只是美国航空航天领域,是人类历史上首次从扇贝上获取灵感制造的轻便电脑,普通民众是无法与其接触的.Grid Compass 1109电脑64KB内存,1.12MHZ11千克重.

!!!!!!!We are the people that first invented compass.希望能帮到您望采纳




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