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一、means:1. 手段,方法;工具[M][G] It is all a means to an end. 这只是达到目的的一种手段. 2. 财产;财力;收入[K] He is living beyond his means. 他入不敷出.二、mean: a. 1. 吝啬的,小气的[(+about/over/with)] Her husband is very

mean to do sth:故意做某事,打算做某事mean doing sth 意味着做某事. mean做打算的时候,是to do sth,相当于intend to do mean作为意思,意味的动词时.要用mean sth或mean doing sth

mean用法主要有以下几种: 1、是表示“意思是,有……的意思”.例如: What does this word mean? 这个字是什么意思? This is what is meant by “failure is the mother of success”. “失败是成功之母”就是这个意思. You mean it can be

1. 名词 方法means by this /that means 单复数相同.by no means 放句首,句子用半倒装句式.如:By no means will he give in to the enemy2. 形容词:中庸的,吝啬的3. 动词.mean to do sth. 打算干什么 mean doing sth. 意味着干什么.

mean1 KK: [] DJ: [] a.1. 吝啬的,小气的[(+about/over/with)] Her husband is very mean about money.她的丈夫在金钱上很吝啬.2. 卑鄙的,心地不好的[(+to)] That was a mean trick!那是一个卑劣的诡计!3. 【美】【口】脾气暴躁的,难驾

总结一下那些单词跟to do和跟doing是意思不一样的! 答: try forget remember mean regret一时就想起这么多 都是考试常考的详情>>2 总结一下那些单词跟to do和跟doing是意思不一样的! 回答 2 3 出

形容词 a. 1.吝啬的,小气的[(+about/over/with)] v. 意思是, 打算, 导致, 意味 v. What does this word mean? v. 这个单词是什么意思? v. 意思是 v. What does this word mean? v. 这个单词是什么意思? v. I mean that's his own decision to resign

dream做动词,dream of/ dream about sth, 梦见 做名词,梦.i had a dream last night

常见的用法: 1 动词 mean doing 意味着 mean to do打算做某事 2 means 名词 方式方法 是单复数同行的词 a means is taken.\ two means are taken 3 meaning 名词,意思,what is your meaning?

mean 有两个意思.代表什么,例:What do you mean by that?(你想说什么) 或者 what does the silver thing means in this sentence?(那个银色的东西是什么意思)卑鄙的,不怀好意的,例:She is so mean.(她很不友好),通常用在当一个人用语言攻击他人


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