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My picture There is an Aoyu in the picture. The Aoyu has a green tail, two colorful horns and the silver skin. It's a silver Aoyu. It looks beautiful and lively. Aoyu dance is a traditional dance

the picture of my father 地道.my father's picture 有点中式.就像: 老外会说:he is a friend of mine; 而不说: he is my friend.

No cocksuck, the word is cocksucker, which is a noun. cocksucker 1. a person who performs fellatio. 2. a mean or contemptible person. blow job can be used as a phrase, blow is a verb. The last one is also a phrase, can be uses as blow job

colour my picture 我的照片 colour my picture 我的照片

是这首歌吧:mickey avalon-my dick 这句话的意思是:我的XX(只可意会)是粉红色的而且很大! 歌词很牛b啊!

Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney's most popular cartoon character. This small naughty little mouse lives in the heart of millions all over the world. Mickey Mouse was first displayed in a short time picture, "Steam Boat Willy", on 18th November 1928


jurisdiction被拆成:juris-my dick-tion则是巧合了,属颇有点水平的pun.

suck my dick 是骂人的话,suck是吸 dick是小弟弟

My dick cost a late night fee Your dick got the HIV My dick plays on the double feature screen Your dick went straight to DVD My dick bigger than a bridge Your dick look like a little kid's My dick large like the Chargers, the whole team Your shit look


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